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Meet the Team


Sara Scheffler - Campaign Manager
       Sara is a wife and mother of four with many fun hobbies. Like many Americans, Sara began learning about politics during the 2016 election, then became active in local politics shortly after the 2020 election. In 2022, Sara worked on her first campaign, where her and Montana met in-passing, and enjoyed the experience; now she is a poll worker for her precinct and the Campaign Manager of Montana for Pennsylvania. Sara studied Communications as well as Business Administration in college, and now owns a small business, Sisters of Subversion, with her sister, Kayla.


Kenneth Hartman Jr - PAC Chairman
       Ken Hartman, Montana's father, has been a building supply salesman for more than three decades, a loyal husband for 26 years, and a devoted father of twins for 22 years. Supporting a family of four, working full-time, and taking care of a disabled child has been the biggest part of his life, and it's certainly not a role for the faint of heart. Supporting his child's aspirations, Ken accepted the role of Chairman of the Montana for Pennsylvania Political Action Committee.


Mary Firestone - PAC Treasurer
       Mary and Montana met in 2015, when Montana first began learning to play the violin. Mary is a private tutor and teacher of Violin, Viola, and Cello, and taught Montana much of what he knows. Mary became a very close family friend of the Hartman's, and one of Montana's most trusted confidants; now she holds the title of Treasurer of the Montana for Pennsylvania Political Action Committee. Mary plays the viola in a local, multi-genre string ensemble called Sempre Dolce.


Liz Brown - Campaign Photographer
       Liz Brown, of Brownhaven Photography LLC., is a local, all-inclusive, self-taught photographer and business owner with a disability. Liz set out with the personal goal of being an affordable option for people who want their precious memories captured, and now she's a highly recommended photographer in Cumberland County for a variety of reasons and causes; even donating her time as a volunteer photographer for different organizations. Liz and Montana met nearly fifteen years ago, as Montana was a classmate with Liz's children at Monroe Elementary School. See more of Liz's work at

2024 Endorsements


If you or an associated organization, candidate, or entity would like to endorse Montana for Pennsylvania, please reach out to Montana at 18MontanaHartman@Gmail.Com

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