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Memories From the Campaign Trail

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9/1/2023: The Montana for Pennsylvania campaign was officially announced online.

Sara, Montana, Jean.jpg

9/14/2023: (from left to right) State House candidate Sara Agerton, Montana, and Cumberland County Commissioner Jean Foschi celebrating the birthday of madam commisioner.


9/19/2023: Our official campaign pins arrived in the mail from the Keystone Buttoneer, a union button maker based in Harrisburg.

10/11/2023: Montana for Pennsylvania was endorsed by Run for Something, a progressive organization that recruits and supports young candidates.

10/21/2023: Montana went Trick-or-Treating with his biggest little-fans; while they got candy, Montana got raffle prizes from local businesses for the Montana for Pennsylvania Campaign Kickoff Concert.

10/25/2023: Montana went to the Carlisle Halloween Parade with one of his biggest fans to pass out fliers, buttons, and candy.


11/18/2023: (from left to right, top to bottom) Performers at the Montana for Pennsylvania Campaign Kickoff Concert line up for a photo by Liz Brown of Brownhaven Photography: V!SN, Montana, Lani L<3ve, Autumn Sky Hall, Noa Carter, Local News Legend, Taylor Lagyak, and Mary Firestone. 

11/29/2023: Montana had the opportunity to sit down with the Dickinson College Democrats to discuss the campaign and enjoy conversations about the local political issues and climate.


12/24/2023: Montana played the electric violin out on The Square in Carlisle on Christmas Eve to bring attention to the campaign while volunteers hand out cookies and cups of hot chocolate to spread hope for the future of the community.

Day with the Candidates.jpg
90's Night.jpg
Backporch Brewing_edited.jpg

2/9/2024: (from left to right) Shamaine Daniels and her daughter, Montana for Pennsylvania campaign manager Sara Scheffler, and Montana enjoy pizza from Nonna Ilva during Montana's A Day with the Candidates.

2/10/2024: Montana performed and opened for local musicians at 90's Night at The Bunkhouse Vintage & More.

2/28/2024: Montana and Sara went to Wednesday's with Walt Open Mic at Back Porch Brewing Inc., where Montana performed and promoted the campaign.

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3/8/2024: Montana for Pennsylvania was honored to receive the endorsement of Planned Parenthood PA. 

Farmers on the Square.jpg

3/13/2024: Montana performed at Farmers on the Square to hand out fliers and support the local businesses.


3/29/2024: Montana helps Greyson tune his violin so that he can perform at Open Mind, Open Mic.


4/4/2024: Montana for Pennsylvania received the endorsement of the newly-formed South Central Young Democrats of Pennsylvania.

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