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Montana's Message:

          Please do not view the "(D)" next to my name and shy away from getting to know me and my campaign. I may be running as a democrat, but my campaign is for everyone- especially those who are frustrated with the current officeholders who have occupied their seats for years and decades, even lifetimes, but have yet to deliver for the people of the Commonwealth. One of my personal mottos is "If you don't like the paths laid out ahead of you, carve A New Path Forward," and that's how I got my campaign slogan. Having a campaign team made up of members of all political parties is very important to me, because far too often do we elect people to be our voice in congress, only for them to serve their party at large, their wallet, and whatever interests donate to them; and it leaves us, the constituency, behind. My promise is to listen to, engage with, and vote on behalf of the people of the 199th district, because I know what it's like to not be represented by a Representative. Thank you for your time, and hopefully, together, we can carve A New Path Forward.

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